Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 18

Looks a little bit like mischief. 

August 17

Fishy fishy in the brook,
Reuben caught it on a hook,
Mama fried it in a pan,
Reuben ate it like a man.

August 16

'Minor' issues...

August 15

LOVE this picture :)
Blake 'washing' Linden's hair...
in his usual goofy style.

August 14

"Mom....I can't sleep..."
A great excuse to come and snuggle up with Mom outside.
He was sleeping soundly within minutes.

August 13

When Daddy's around, crazy things happen.

August 12

Sound asleep in Daddy's office :)

August 11

Some Tinkertoys and ribbon
= a fantastic pulley system.

August 10

August 9

The newest John Deere fan. 

But Blake is not too impressed with the idea of sharing...hmmm...

August 8

Smoke from the wildfire at Harrison Lake

August 7

Dustin's rain-o-meter.
It's been so dry this year that even the kids are excited when it does rain.

August 6

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 5

Someone discovered the sandbox.

August 4

August 3

Who would've thought the kids would have so much fun with an old typewriter.

August 2

I have no words...

August 1

Um, are you takin' pictures of ME?

July 31

LOL...even the cat was feeling the heat.

July 30

Esther, this one's for you.
Keeping it real.
This baby cries...a lot.

July 29

AWESOME swing!!
So much fun to swing with Linden this way.

July 28

15th Wedding Anniversary :)

July 27

And sometimes things don't go exactly as planned.

July 26

Happy 1st Birthday Linden!!

So much fun to celebrate!

July 25

Watching their trampoline stunts on video.

July 24

The best place to play with Playdough...

July 23

Well Ang, your printer motor has been put to good use.
Drawbridge...printer motor...some D batteries....
Voila!! the drawbridge is motorized :)